Welcome to 100 Women of Richardson! 

Membership is open for 2019 until Friday, February 15th! 

Our 2019 meeting dates have been announced so please save the date!


Meeting #1: Thursday, February 21st @ Canyon Creek Country Club

Optional Networking Reception 6-7pm

Meeting and Nonprofit Presentations 7-8pm

Meeting #2: Thursday, April 25th @ TBD

Meeting #3: Thursday, September 12 @ TBD.


News from our first meeting Nov 2018


Congratulations to our first beneficiary - The Inclusive Playground!

Thank you to our members for supporting the East Richardson Rotary Club and the City of Richardson in their endeavor to raise funds for the Inclusive Playground of Richardson! The playground is slotted to break ground in January 2019 at Cottonwood Park, with completion planned by Apr/May 2019.

Thank you for helping make this playground a reality!  It's Coming Soon!

The Inclusive Playground

Learn more about the inclusive playground in this video!

How does 100 Women of Richardson work?


It's Simple

100 Women of Richardson uses the power of coming together to make a big impact! 

It's Fast

Members attend a 1-hour meeting at which time members will hear from local charities [501(c)3] who have an immediate need for funds. 

It's Effective!

Members will vote and the top organization chosen will receive a check from each member for $100 at the meeting for a total donation of $10,000 in one single night! 

Thank you for visiting us here in Richardson, TX!    

100 Women of Richardson is a group of 100 women who are passionate about supporting the community in which we live!  By joining forces with each other, members are able to maximize their impact on their local community with an immediate, positive and significant gift to charities in Richardson multiple times a year.  

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