About Us

100 Women of Richardson is a group of 100 women who reside in Richardson and are passionate about supporting the community in which we live! 

Mission Statement: 

To bring together at least 100 women to contribute financially several times per year to local nonprofits to make an immediate, meaningful and significant impact in Richardson, TX.

The inaugural year for 100 Women of Richardson will consist of 1 meeting and large donation to a beneficiary in 2018, followed by 3 meetings with a large donation at each meeting in 2019.  Additionally, there will be one optional activity for members to participate and give in 2019. 

100 Women of Richardson was founded in 2018 by Cheryl Croall, along with Hayley Harris and Cayce Ashby, who were inspired by similar programs across the U.S. and specifically in Lake Highlands. 

Current Board Members are Cheryl Croall, Hayley Harris and Cayce Ashby.