We can't wait to support our local community this year!  

If you're a non-profit in Richardson, TX, please click on the link below to submit a request form and be considered as a recipient of funds at one of our meetings.

Meeting and Due Dates:

Beneficiary request forms are due April 11 for the April 25 meeting. 

Our members are looking to hear how our gift will fill a specific and immediate need in Richardson!

We will announce and invite the three randomly selected charities (after vetting 501(c)3 status) on April 18th.  

If your organization is selected, you will be invited to present your charity and need to our members in a 10 minute presentation on Thursday, April 25 at Canyon Creek Country Club. The meeting and presentations are from 7-8pm, with an optional networking reception from 6-7pm. Projection can be made available for presentations. 

Beneficiary Request Form



 For your charity to qualify, it must meet the following requirements:

· The ask must be for a specific and immediate need or project and spent within 12 months of the meeting date.

· The ask must give details on how the entire funds ($10,000) will be used in Richardson.

· The funds must funnel through a 501(c)3.

· National charities will not be considered. Local branches may be considered; however, the contribution must stay in the Richardson. 

· The Charity may be run by a political or religious organization, but may not require a specific faith or political affiliation to benefit from the donation, and the funds cannot be used to spread or solicit a particular faith. 

· The Charity must agree not to use the member names of 100 Women of Richardson for future solicitations, nor give the information out to anyone for any reason.

· The Charity must agree that 100% of the donation from 100 Women of Richardson will go to the specific need in which they requested the donation and is not to be used on salaries or administrative fees.

· The Charity must agree to send charitable tax receipts to the members of 100 Women of Richardson within a timely manner.

Thank you and good luck!