There will be three meetings in 2019 and an optional volunteer activity and opportunity to give in Q4. 

Meeting #1: Thursday, February 21st @ Canyon Creek Country Club

Meeting #2: Thursday, April 25th @ TBD

Meeting #3: Thursday, September 12 @ TBD.

All meetings have an optional networking reception from 6 - 7pm followed by the meeting from 7 - 8pm.  

Meeting Details

Meetings will take place approximately once per quarter every year and will last no longer than 1 hour. There will be an optional opportunity to network and socialize with other members prior to the start of each meeting.  

At each meeting, 3 local charities will be represented and members will learn how each charity would use the donation. Members will then vote on one charity to be the beneficiary for that meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, the chosen beneficiary will receive all checks directly from members for a total benefit of $10,000 in one one-hour meeting! 

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