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To bring together 100 women to contribute financially several times per year to local nonprofits to make an immediate, meaningful and significant impact in Richardson, TX.

Members will attend a one-hour meeting periodically throughout the year where they will hear about 3 local charities in Richardson that have an immediate and specific need for funds.  Members will vote on the charity and at the conclusion of the meeting, each member will write a $100 check directly to the  charity with the most member votes. 

At the conclusion of each meeting, the chosen charity will be presented with the combined gift of $10,000 for their immediate and specific need!



$100 at February 21 meeting

$100 at April 25 meeting

$100 at September 12 meeting

Optional $100 and Volunteer Activity in Q4

At each meeting, members will hear about 3 Richardson charities and their specific and immediate needs. Members then vote to select one charity and each member (present and non-present) will write a $100 check to that selected charity. This combined donation of $10,000 is intended to make an immediate, meaningful and significant impact on the neighborhood we call home. 

Membership Requirements

· Attend the one-hour meeting on Feb 21, Apr 25 and Sept 12.

· Write a $100 check at each of the three meetings. 

· All checks must be presented at the meeting. If unable to attend, send your check with a buddy!

Become a Member

We'd love for you to join us in 2019! We can't wait to see all the good things that we can do together!